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15 minutes from Onomichi Station using a ferry.

Our guesthouse overlooks the ”Onomichi-Suido” and is the starting point for sightseeing in Shimanami.


"Mukaishima" is a base for sightseeing in Shimanami.
Useful as a starting point for cycling


Clean room and harbor view from balcony are appreciated by guests




"Mukaishima" has a view of Onomichi across the sea.

Please experience Onomichi at a slightly different angle

About Us

Our overview

Name: Guest House Onomichi MOM

Address: 16060-99 Mukoshima Town, Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan


Notification number: M340018604


Type: Host Resident Guest House


Rooms: 2 rooms (2 single beds each)


Common space: living room, balcony, bathroom, toilet

Check in :  from 15:00 to 21:00

Check out :  10:00

No smoking (all buildings)

Breakfast service (reservation required) 500 yen

There is the latest fully automatic mahjong table.
  ≪Usage Fee≫

    ・1 game (60 minutes) 450 yen

    ・1 pack (4 games) 1000 yen

※ There is a pet (friendly toy poodle).
If you do not like it, please contact us at the time of booking and move it to another location.


Rooms &  House Rule

Room list
Standard A
This room has a balcony.
Enjoy the wonderful view of the port.
Single Bed × 2
TV × 1
Free Wifi
Standard B
It is a quiet room.
Please enjoy a relaxing space to soothe the fatigue of your trip
Single Bed × 2
TV × 1
Free Wifi
House rules

■ Check-in

・Please Check-in between 15:00 and 21:00

■ Check-out

・Please check out by 10:00 on your final day

■ Internet

・The room comes with Wifi for you to use. The SSID and password are posted in the room.

■ Smoking

・Smoking is prohibited in all areas

■ Kitchen

・Tap water you can drink.

・The refrigerator on the second floor can be used freely. When using, Please write your name on your food.

・You can use the cookware on the second floor.

・You can use the dishes on the second floor. When using, Please be sure to wash your own tableware using.

・Please separate the trash. Please separate the burning trash and the canned plastic bottle.

■Eating and drinking space

​・Please eat and drink only in the kitchen / living room on the 1st floor and the eating and drinking corner on the 2nd floor.

■ Shared space

・The living room is a common area. Gests can also relax here.

・The light off time of the living room is 12:00 pm. Please be quiet after that.

■ Bath

・The bath can be used from 6 pm to 12 pm.

・Please feel free to use the shampoo, conditioner and body soap in the bathroom.

・Please do not leave the water running.

■ Wash area

・Please do not leave the water running.

・Please use the dryer in the bathroom. Please do not go to the room.

■ Toilet

・Please keep the toilet clean during use.

・Toilet paper, please dispose of in the toilet bowl.Japanese toilet can handle toilet paper.

・Please don't flush gum, cigarettes and other foreign objects down the toilet.

・Toilet paper, please save.

・If you’ve defiled badly, please cleaning yourself.

・Please do not carried away the stock of toilet paper!

■ Bed

・Please do not eat or drink in bed.

・Please do not jump on the bed.

・Please refrain from using the bed for any activity other than sleeping.

・Please take care not to soil the mattress or sheets.

■ Furniture

・You can eat and drink in the guest room.
But if you dirty the duvet or carpet severely, we must cleaning it.
So please pay the cleaning fee(\3,000).

・Please be careful not to damage or tear the furniture during use.

・Please do not remove the shelves.

■ Etiquette

・Curfew is 11 o’clock in the evening.

・Please let me take a copy of the passport. This is the rule of Homestay of Japan.

・Please remove your shoes before entering.

・Please do not answer the intercom if it rings.

・Please do not bring guests that are not on the reservation.

・Please refrain from activities that would disturb the neighbors.

・Please refrain from holding parties or playing music at loud volumes.

・Please do not bring or use illegal drugs on the premises.

・Please do not burn incense or spray other strong fragrances in the room.

・Please do not take anything from the room.

・The surrounding area is a residential area.Do not make noise outside or play loud music.

■ Others

・We may demand compensation in the case that items in the room are damaged or severely dirtied.

・If you have any questions or issues please contact us.



Directions from Onomichi Station (walking / biking)
1. Out of the Onomichi Station ticket gate.
3. Continue crossing the intersection on the right
5. The front of the Green Hill Hotel is the boat stop
7. The charge is here
9. Wait for the ship at the end of the dock
11. Rest in a free place on the ship
13. Go straight ahead once you get off the ship
15. Cross the bridge and go straight
17. Go straight to the end
19. Continue straight ahead
21.Turn left along the road
23.As soon as you cross the bridge, turn right
25.Go straight here
2.Cross the front intersection
4. Cross the intersection and go straight
6. Arrive at Onomichi Ekimae Pier
8. Operation time is here
10. You will get in when the ship arrives
12.You will arrive in Mukaijima in about 6 minutes
14. Once on the road, turn to the right
16. Go straight over the bridge
18. Turn left at the end
20. Follow the road and turn right
22.Turn right and cross the bridge
24.A little more to the goal. Go straight
26.Go straight here
27.goal! ! Welcome to Guesthouse Onomichi MOM!
Gest House MOM

© 2019 by Gesthouse MOM

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